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Music Therapy? Music is Therapy! Yes, it works and is free. So, help yourself heal by singing along with the songs you choose to sing, And you can hear the presentations on Music and the Brain as well. . . . Any Question or Comment? Call Dr. Rock Choe at (213) 381-1174 or email to RockChoe@MDinter.net for anything anytime. . .

The Music of Language and the Language of Music


Effects of Music on Brain


3D MRI of human brain


Sound of Music


I Have A Dream


You Raise Me Up


Thankful, by Josh Groban


Believe, by Josh Groban


Sing along with John Denver




Time To Say Goodbye


9 y.o.Jackie Evancho


Amazing Grace - by 7 y/o


6 Year Old Emily Bear The Next Mozart?


With All I Am


The Music of The Night


David's Beethoven Sym #5






Silent Night Holy Night


Music and the Brain: Depression and Creativity Symposium


Music Processing


Music As Therapy


Creative Vocal Team Work


A Song To Sing


The Prayer


You Are Stll You..


My Heart Will Go On


Sing with John Denver


Over the Rainbow


Time To Say Goodbuy


Wonder Girl Jackie Evancho


Amazing Grace


Emily plays what she composed.


Hillsong - Mighty to Save


David Garrett


David's Rock Symphonies


Welcome To The Jungle